Cost Estimating

Accurate Estimates – by professionals for professionals

Our cost consulting approach includes an ongoing working relationship with the project team.  Our Cost Estimators continuously monitor design decisions that affect cost, and inform the project team of the impact of such decisions as early as possible.  Our Cost Estimators work to understand the project design intent in order to foresee cost implications, rather than simply reacting to a finished design.  We provide comprehensive Pre-construction Cost Estimates at specific milestones such as Schematic Design or Design Development.

We anticipate construction cost items that are not always shown on early design drawings. All of our estimates are based on quantity survey, at least to the level of detail consistent with the documents.  Because we work so closely with the project team, and because of our technical expertise, we include costs for building elements even if they have not yet been drawn. For example, we allow for a complete roofing system with only a building plan, including roofing, insulation, base flashing, penetration flashing, coping, and roof accessories.

Our integrated systems approach to estimating, as well as our estimating format, makes it clear to the Project Team where costs are.  For instance, in the typical CSI format, a door would appear in at least five different locations: millwork for the door, hollow metal for the frame, hardware allowance for the hardware, painting for the finish, and carpentry labor for the installation. Our systems approach provides all of these pertinent costs in one location, helping the Project Team to understand the cost impact of each door, or any other such system component.

Our spreadsheet format is simple, legible and understandable.  We use commercially available spreadsheets that are easily transmittable electronically.  We can easily customize our reports to meet the individual client’s needs.

Our database draws from our experience with the construction market.  As part of preparing Cost Estimates, we use our Project Management experience to consider the effect of the expected construction schedule on construction costs.  We use our estimating experience to take into account such variables as escalation, union and non-union construction, bidding requirements, anticipated number of prime contracts, the nature of construction, and the influence of government regulations on construction costs.

We offer each of our clients a record of service and accuracy.  The best evidence of the success of our approach is our extraordinary number of repeat clients.