Cost Estimating for Retail Projects

Retail facilities come in all shapes and sizes, but cost is an important factor in every project. Our Estimators have broad experience working on a range of retail development and renovation projects, from expansive malls to boutique bookstores.

Ann Taylor Store, Ardmore, PA

Arbat Center, Moscow, Russia

Centre Point Village, Bucks County, PA

Chestnut Hill Bank, Philadelphia, PA

Devon Grandstand, Devon, PA

Eastland Mall, Eastland, MI

First Pennsylvania Branch Bank, Newtown Square, PA

Freedom Square, Philadelphia, PA

Jamesway Store, Wilmington, DE

Mall At Adams Mark, Philadelphia, PA

Mellet Mall, Canton, OH

Meridian Branch Bank, Philadelphia, PA

North Philadelphia Station Market, Philadelphia, PA

Parmatown Mall, Parma, OH

Park City Mall, Lancaster, PA

Penns Landing Development, Philadelphia, PA

Suburban Square Retail, Ardmore, PA

WAWA Stores, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Wilmington Piano Co. Store, Philadelphia, PA


Cost Ranges:  $.2M – 100M