Project Management

We help you navigate a complex process by bringing Project Management leadership, experience, and collaboration to your important design and construction project.

As the Owner’s Representative, we advocate on your behalf and lead the project team towards success.

As an extension of the owner’s staff, we provide comprehensive Project Management for all  project teams to achieve maximum value for each dollar spent.

Our innovative methodology encourages designers, contractors, and vendors to actively engage and collaborate with each other to achieve the owners’ quality, cost, and schedule objectives. We are the conductor of this orchestra.

We focus particular attention on contracts and money.  While construction is typically the single largest line item in a project budget, owners enter into many other contracts for goods and services.  We negotiate favorable business terms for all such transactions, and oversee the administration of contracts and payments.

We navigate design and construction issues every day, and we use this knowledge to minimize an owner’s risk by establishing appropriate business and legal relationships among the project team.

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