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It Starts with the Menu

With restaurants, the vision and values that define a facility are reflected in an important document—the menu. We invest time in planning, from kitchen equipment to mechanical system design and dining room layouts, to achieve your culinary and guest experience goals.

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Permits & Inspections

Food service facilities involve special procedures and inspections as part of the permitting process, from Department of Health reviews to liquor and café licenses. We understand how to successfully manage these processes and account for them when developing your project schedule.

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Heart of the House

The selection and layout of kitchen equipment has an enormous impact on the efficiency, staffing, and cost-effectiveness of a restaurant. We build food service planning seamlessly into the overall process, so your kitchen runs smoothly from day one.

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B&F's Project Managers protect budgets, safeguard schedules, minimize disruptions, and coordinate the entire team, with a careful eye on quality.