Cost Estimating for Housing and Dormitory Projects

Becker & Frondorf has provided cost consulting for 50+ residential projects, from multi-family public housing to luxury apartments, university dormitories, and private residences. We help clients accurately predict and control costs throughout the construction process. Below is a partial listing of our Housing & Dormitory projects.

University of Pennsylvania – Penn Quad
Client: Beyer Blinder Belle
Philadelphia, PA
Historic restoration and renovation of the University of Pennsylvania’s Freshman Quad, approximately 510,000 square feet. B&F partner Mike Zaidel worked on multiple phases of this project, from Master Planning and Concept Design through Design Development.


Saint Joseph’s University – New Dorm
Client: Blackney Hayes Architects
Merion, PA
Construction of a new dormitory, approximately 242,000 square feet.

Dormitory Projects (Cost Ranges: $1.5M – $80M)

Aberdeen VOQ, U.S. Army
Brandt Hall, Valparaiso University
Carnegie Mellon Dormitories
New Dormitory, Children’s Presbyterian Village
College of Wooster Dormitory
Cornell North Campus Dormitories
Day Hall, Syracuse University
Delbarton School Dormitory
Drexel Fraternity, Drexel University
George School New Dorm, George School
George School Renovation, George School
King’s Court Dormitory, University of Pennsylvania
Lincoln University Dormitories
Loyola University Dormitories, Baltimore School
Main Building Dorm Renovation, George School
Middlebury College Dormitories
New London BOQ, U.S. Navy
Oberlin College Dormitories
Penn State New Dormitory, Berks Campus
Pitt/Palmer Dormitories, Swarthmore College
St. Joseph’s College Dormitory Study
Super Block Dormitory Renovation, University of Pennsylvania
University of Delaware Housing
University of Scranton Dormitory
UEPH, Bethesda Naval Hospital, U.S. Navy
Dorm Renovation, Valley Forge Military Academy
West Chester University Dormitories

Housing Projects (Cost Ranges: $.3M – 90M)

Allegheny Modular Townhouses, Philadelphia, PA
APM 7th Street Housing, Philadelphia, PA
APM Apartments, Philadelphia, PA
Art Apartments, Philadelphia RDA, Philadelphia, PA
Artists’ Lofts, Philadelphia, PA
Blumberg Housing, Philadelphia, PA
Center Park Housing, Senior Center, Philadelphia, PA
Diamond Park, HUD, Philadelphia, PA
Diamond Street Housing, Philadelphia, PA
Fairhill Apartments, PHA, Philadelphia, PA
Friends Guild, Philadelphia, PA
Haddon & 4700 Housing, Philadelphia RDA, Philadelphia, PA
Mantua Apartments, PHA, Philadelphia, PA
Ocean Manor, Senior Center, Atlantic City, NJ
Passyunk Housing, PHA, Philadelphia, PA
Raymond Rosen Apartments, PHA, Philadelphia, PA
Richard Allen Homes, Philadelphia, PA
Ruth Bennett Homes, Chester, PA
Sara Allen Housing, Philadelphia, PA
Temple Park Mall, Philadelphia, PA
Wilson Park Housing, Philadelphia, PA

Client Testimonials

"The best thing about working with Becker & Frondorf is that you always get the attention of the Principals."

Jeff Morgan, Environetics

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