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Complex Patient Care Environments

Key to Healthcare projects is the need for proactive safety measures and regular communication to ensure care is not disrupted. We ensure that your projects run smoothly from start to finish, allowing your providers to focus on quality patient care and enhancing lives of residents.

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Healthcare Project Management

We specialize in Project Management for outpatient centers. Our Project Managers can help get state-of-the-art ambulatory care centers up and running quickly, whether it involves developing a new ground-up building, fitting-out a leased space, or renovating an existing facility.

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Healthcare Project Management

We understand the unique and important mission of these facilities—as a home, a community, and a vital source of care. While construction and renovation are often necessary, it must be done in the most sensitive way possible to protect the quality of life of residents and their families.

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View more of B&F’s wide range of iconic projects, from 13-story new hotels in Center City Philadelphia to sensitive renovations of historic buildings.

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B&F's Project Managers protect budgets, safeguard schedules, minimize disruptions, and coordinate the entire team, with a careful eye on quality.