Services – Owner’s Representative

As the Owner Representative, we provide comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. No architect, consultant, contractor or vendor shares the Owner’s comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of the Owner’s Representative.

Our core focus is the financial management of design and construction projects. We assist our clients to establish a comprehensive project budget, and then track expended and anticipated project costs against the budget on an ongoing basis.

We apply our experience with technical, business and legal issues to minimize our clients’ risk. Design and construction projects entail lengthy, complex financial and legal transactions in which disputes often arise. We deal with such issues every day, and we use this experience to minimize the Owner’s risk.

The following is an outline of the types of Owners Representative services we provide:


Project Planning

  • Prepare the program summary document
  • Develop a comprehensive project budget
  • Generate an overall project master schedule
  • Develop a management plan for communications and approvals


  • Conduct architect and consultant selection process
  • Review drawings and specifications
  • Analyze design team cost estimates
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Monitor schedule performance and identify long lead items
  • Expedite coordination between architect and Owner’s consultants
  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings
  • Assist with obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices

Procurement and Bidding

  • Coordinate review of project delivery options
  • Conduct contractor selection or bidding process
  • Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding
  • Prepare comparative analysis of bids received
  • Expedite contract award and execution


Project Start-Up

  • Develop and apply project control systems
  • Prepare cash flow projection
  • Establish communication protocols

Construction and Installation

  • Monitor on-site construction activities
  • Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices
  • Negotiate change order payment amounts
  • Expedite development of schedule recovery strategies
  • Coordinate activities of direct purchase vendors
  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings
  • Work to resolve disputes quickly and informally
  • Coordinate formal dispute resolution actions
  • Distribute monthly progress reports
  • Maintain project documentation

Project Close-Out

  • Expedite substantial completion and final inspections
  • Monitor correction of punch list items
  • Review contractor and vendor submission of all required documents
  • Coordinate transfer of property operation to Owner
  • Schedule and assist with move-in activities