Architecture Week 2024

Thank You to Our Architect Friends

Over the last 25 years, our Cost Estimators and Project Managers have had the privilege of working side by side with some of the most respected architectural firms in the country. We want to take a moment to thank our design partners for your outstanding work and reflect on what we’ve learned from you.

3 Lessons you've taught us about extraordinary design

Extraordinary design starts with great understanding.

It requires truly listening to clients and learning about their needs and aspirations. We love being a part of those important design conversations with architects and clients, sharing ideas, and watching projects take shape as dreams become reality.

Extraordinary design happens through the marriage of art and accuracy.

It takes beauty and brains. The best architects bring creativity, passion, and technical know-how to each project. We are in awe of your ability to find solutions that are both beautiful and functional while communicating them with precision. We see it in your attention to the smallest details, and in your pursuit of the highest ideals.

Extraordinary design changes our world for the better.

Places where we work, learn, live, gather, and worship are all enhanced by thoughtful design. Time and time again, we have worked alongside architects as they solved problems and birthed ideas that improve lives, add beauty, and enrich the built environment for us all. That is an architect’s superpower.

So thank you for the many, many hours you’ve spent learning and perfecting your craft. We at B&F are grateful you did.

We deeply appreciate the relationships B&F has forged with many extraordinary architectural colleagues. We would like to recognize our top 35 architecture clients: 

    • Ballinger Architects
    • BBLM Architects
    • BCJ
    • Blackney Hayes Architects
    • Bower Lewis Thrower Architects
    • BWA
    • Clarke Caton Hintz
    • Ellenzweig
    • Erdy McHenry
    • Ewing Cole
    • Ford 3
    • Hartman Cox Architects
    • HDR, Inc.
    • Heckendorn Shiles
    • Hord Coplan Macht
    • JacobsWyper
    • JZA + D
    • Kautter & Kelley Architects
    • Kelly/Maiello Architects
    • Mark B. Thompson Architects
    • MGA Partners
    • Mills & Schnoering
    • NORR
    • OZ Collaborative
    • PZS
    • R. Benaissa
    • Sasaki Associates
    • Spillman Farmer
    • Stantec
    • Susan Maxman & Partners
    • The SLAM Collaborative
    • USA Architects
    • VSBA
    • Voith & MacTavish Architects
    • WRT

If your firm is not on our “THANK YOU” list, let us know—we would love to hear from you!

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