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Sustainable Museums are the Future

Through a focus on sustainability, museums, particularly those affiliated with colleges and universities, have tremendous potential to impact social change.

Sustainability has been an overarching theme throughout the design and construction world for much of the past decade, and in the College and University Museums sector it is particularly critical as their facilities serve as educational institutions both to the public and to their students.

The Association of Academic Museums & Galleries Conference, this year titled “Sustainability Now!”, was a fantastic experience that gave significant insight into opportunities and challenges within this theme. Held in a hybrid format, with both in-person and remote attendees, the conference aimed to broadly examine sustainability in terms of climate change, DEI policies, fundraising, leadership, engagement, and many other issues.

Some of our key takeaways include:

  1. Until the general public feels comfortable gathering in public spaces, the museum sector will need to develop creative ways to manage post-pandemic challenges such as decreased revenue, increased staffing costs, and pandemic-mitigation strategies.
  2. Museums and galleries across the country are applying exciting new strategies in areas such as technological integration with streamlined building operation systems, incorporating sustainability into design and operations through strategic systems upgrades, thoughtful community partnerships, and wellness initiatives. These big-picture approaches to everyday challenges demonstrate impressive resilience within the industry.
  3. Because of their position in higher-education institutions, college and university museums occupy a unique space and have tremendous potential to impact social change.

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