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Celebrating a Decade of "Your Brain" at The Franklin Institute!

It is hard to imagine that almost 10 years have passed since The Franklin Institute unveiled their iconic Karabots Pavillion and the “Your Brain” exhibit housed within. As we look forward to the opening of the new Hamilton Collections Gallery opening in the fall, we can’t help but look back at some of the amazing projects we have accomplished together.

Unveiled in 2014 as part of the Karabots Pavilion, a $40 million, 56,000-square-foot addition, "Your Brain" has captivated visitors with its cutting-edge interactive displays and thought-provoking insights into the intricacies of the human mind. This 10,000-square-foot marvel invites explorers of all ages to delve into the complex workings of the brain, unlocking the secrets of perception, memory, and emotion.

Through various hands-on immersive exhibits, “Your Brain” weaves together the realms of neuroscience and technology, offering visitors the unique opportunity to explore the very essence of what makes us human. From mind-bending illusions that challenge our senses to simulations that demonstrate the incredible plasticity of the brain, this exhibit has captivated visitors of all ages, inspired countless “aha!” moments and ignited a passion for scientific inquiry.

But “Your Brain” is more than just an exhibit; it’s a testament to The Franklin Institute’s unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning and advancing our understanding of the world around us. Over the past decade, it has served as a catalyst for curiosity, sparking thought-provoking discussions centered around the human brain by making neuroscience exciting and accessible for all ages.

Since 2000, Becker & Frondorf has proudly maintained a long-standing relationship with The Franklin Institute. Over the years, we have expertly managed nine separate phases of interior renovations. We are honored to assist The Franklin Institute as they continue with ongoing renovations to enhance and modernize their building.

We are proud to partner with such an inspiring institution. The Franklin Institute stands as a cornerstone of scientific exploration and education, tirelessly dedicated to inspiring curiosity and fostering a lifelong love of learning. Through its engaging exhibits, pioneering research, and dynamic educational programs, the Institute not only honors the legacy of Benjamin Franklin but also propels his spirit of innovation into the future. By making science accessible and exciting for people of all ages, The Franklin Institute plays a vital role in cultivating the next generation of thinkers, creators, and leaders. Its unwavering commitment to advancing STEM education ensures that the wonders of science and technology continue to ignite imaginations and drive progress for years to come. This year, as The Franklin Institute celebrates its 200th year, we look back on its history and forward to its continued impact on science and education.

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