Philadelphia, PA

Christ Church

B&F has had the privilege of overseeing several sensitive renovations at this iconic and historic American building that served as the place of worship for many Revolutionary War leaders.

Becker Fondorf Christ Church Congregation
Project TypeHistoric Preservation and Renovations
Construction Cost$4M
ArchitectJohn Milner Architects
BuilderWolfe Scott
Organ BuilderC.B. Fisk

From installation of a new pipe organ to restoration of the historic steeple

Renovating a Historic Icon

As one of the most-visited historic sites in Philadelphia, as well as having an active congregation, Christ Church is a challenging site for undertaking construction while maintaining ongoing operations. Nevertheless, to maintain the integrity of the historic building and serve its visitors, renovation projects are crucial from time to time.

Becker & Frondorf Christ Church Project Management

Technicalities of Acoustic Preservation

B&F helped coordinate the installation of a new pipe organ. While the new organ reflects the church’s historic fabric, its smaller size and mechanical needs required carefully designed structural changes. This highly technical project involved complex acoustic and historic preservation and was successful due to the team’s close collaboration.

Becker Fondorf Christ Church Organ

30+ Years of Steeple Renovations Conclude

In the 1980's the church began building an internal steel structure to support masonry portions of the historic steeple that started to lean over time. Our team oversaw work to finish the steel support system, replace exterior cladding, repair sheathing, replace shingles, repoint masonry, and paint the steeple to preserve it for future generations.

Becker Fondorf Christ Church Steel Structure
Becker Fondorf Philosophy skyscraper

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