Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

  • Camp Shelly Ridge Miquon, Pa
    Construction Cost: $5 million
    Project Size: 5,000 sq ft Activity Center and 6,000 sq ft Lodge
  • Camp Laughing Waters
    Gilbertsville, Pa
    Construction Cost: $2.5 million
    Project Size: 9,000 sq ft year-round Activity Center
  • Camp Mosey Wood Lake Harmony, Pa
    Construction Cost: $2.5 million
    Project Size: 6,000 sq ft Lodge and Outdoor Adventure elements

Architect: Blackney Hayes Architects
Builder: Wohlsen Construction

  • Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania group-breaking ceremony

  • New zip line at Girl Scout Camp in Eastern Pennsylvania camp site

  • Camp Shelly Ridge Lodge

  • Camp Shelly Ridge

  • Camp Laughing Waters

  • Camp Laughing Waters Indoor Climbing Wall

  • Year-round activity center with indoor climbing wall

    Camp Laughing Waters

  • exterior new construction 6000 square foot camp lodge

    Camp Mosey Wood new Lodge

  • Camp Mosey Wood

  • New year-round multipurpose lodge features state of the art so room can be partitioned into three separate functional spaces

    Camp Mosey Wood

Providing young women with unforgettable camp memories.

When the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania (GSEP) decided to undertake major improvements at three of their campsites throughout Pennsylvania, they hired Becker & Frondorf to manage the process.

In addition to the careful coordination required to oversee construction projects at three different locations, the simultaneous projects also included unusual “adventure elements,” such as ropes courses, climbing walls and zip lines, which added to the challenge. For instance, at Camp Mosey Wood, Becker & Frondorf oversaw the creation and installation of “dueling zip lines” where campers travel over and across a lake as they ride the zip-line.

Becker & Frondorf’s team of experts ensured that GSEP got their projects completed with particular attention to camper’s safety, the organization’s budget, and in time for the opening of the 2016 camp season.

Photos courtesy of Blackney Hayes Architects/Don Pearse photographer